The GeekTime Network has been working tirelessly to give you guys the best podcast programming that we can offer. Well, we’re going to raise our bar of content moving forward and we are actively working towards building an entire suite of video content to compliment our podcast library. The goal is to eventually have a video component for every podcast, original video content, and a full regular schedule of videos via our YouTube and Twitch channels. While we build towards that we’ll be keeping everyone posted via our Podcasts, social media platforms, and website. So be sure to subscribe to our channels now to stay current!

YouTube Channel


Our YouTube channel is the home of all of our video podcasts, future Let’s Play content, and stream highlight archives. In the future we’ll be hosting original web-series and one-off content on the channel as well. In order to get the most out of our Creator Features for the channel, we need subscribers, so if you’re interested in assisting us with the future of our YouTube content, we need subs!

Twitch Channel



You can find us streaming on Twitch to catch some time with many of our hosts and guests playing some games. Our plan is to have a full roster of scheduled streams and shows, but while we build towards that we’ll get started with some pilots, tests, and experiments. For the full schedule look no further than here:

Wednesdays: 11:00pm CST – 12:30am CST – PC Time Machine (w/ Alessio Summerfield)