That One Pokemon Show – Episode 8

Better late than never, right?

We begin this episode of That One POKEMON Show by talking about Digimon (go figure), Sandslash being my favorite Pokemon, and nostalgia sploosh.

After the show, we wax philosophic about:

  • All the Pokemon theme songs (and a lot of terrible singing)
  • More blanket apologies
Tune in, not next week, but the week after for more shenanigans. We’ll be back on the 9th.
And here’s a link to the episode in case you wanted to try and follow along.



Controller Freaks 2: Halo is a Cool Guy

This week, Jordan, Sam, and Aaron discuss a plethora of things, none of them being Mass Effect. Discussion includes: Need For Speed: Most Wanted, More Halo 4, Lego Games and Epic Mickey 2, the Wii U, how to make Fallout New Vegas more challenging, how to make a successful video game movie, and how to break the internet with Jordan Carroll.

Controller Freaks (Episode 2)

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