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The Metal Gear Mondays Podcast is coming very soon, ladies and gentlemen! Sam Wright, myself, and newcomers to the franchise and the site, Cameron Hill and Isaac Lim, will be going through the series in book-club / bonfireside chat knock-off format starting with… METAL GEAR SOLID 1! Weird choice, I know, but it’s a logical jumping on point for Isaac and Cameron. We’ll get to Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, bear with us.

Keep posted for new info and hopefully the show will be approved and on iTunes before next Monday!

Editorial, Feature, Gaming, Podcast, Video Games

Metal Gear Mondays: A Podcast?!

Quick post for this week, but a fun post for sure! I’m happy to announce that due to some interested friends and a nice little rallying cry, Metal Gear Mondays is going to become a podcast! Sam and I will be joined by two of my oldest friends, Cameron Hill and Isaac Lim, on a podcast series where we discuss Metal Gear from beginning to end! Our first episodes will focus on Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation 1, with Cameron and Isaac representing the first time player and Sam and I taking our spots as series vets. We’ll be tackling this thing book-club style and break the game into roughly 3 episodes and 1 extrasode for a nice month of content every Monday.

We’ll be deciding on a recording date soon and I’ll keep everyone posted as to when that’s going to be released! This will be a separate iTunes entry, so check out Metal Gear Monday on iTunes once it’s up. Part of the GeekTime Podcast family!