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10 Things We Probably Won’t See: The E3 Wish List

E3 is Here! You know what that means? A whole bunch of disappointed gamers! I kid, I kid. E3 means that it is time for the gaming industry to pull out all the stops and announce some really cool stuff. Whether they do any of these things or not, I am pretty excited for what could be one of the biggest E3’s in a good long while. Here is the GeekTi.me E3 wish list.

Mirrors Edge 2


Ok, I’m stretching for this one. There has been a lot of rumor about Mirrors Edge 2 and DICE is supposedly showing off a new game at E3. I wonder what it could be. I think Mirrors Edge 2 is out there, but with DICE concentrating all of their efforts towards Battlefield 4, there is a chance it could be added to the back burner till next year. Let’s hope that isn’t the case and we will see it at the show this year.

Odds: High

Star Fox: WiiU


Star Fox is on the list of Nintendo franchises that gets next to no love. After a disappointing revival on the GameCube, Nintendo decided against bringing one out for the Wii. It did have a solid release on the DS and a re-release of Star Fox 64 on the 3DS. The WiiU would be a great time to bring back Star Fox in full HD glory with some cool features using the tablet controller. Maybe that’s just me. Nintendo just doesn’t seem interested.

Odds: Medium

New Mega Man


Capcom hates Mega Man. That’s all there is to it. It seems like any chance that they get to snub the blue bomber, they will. It all seemed to happen right after Mega Man’s creator left Capcom. Curious. It would be fantastic to see a new Mega Man. I think any gamer will get excited for a new Legends. Am I right?

Odds: Very Low

Alan Wake 2


Alan Wake is one of the most under appreciated games out there. The 360 exclusive was lauded with high critical praise and a good reception, but it definitely wouldn’t be called a high seller. It is seen as one of the great story telling games of this generation, and has some decent gameplay to boot. It’s only natural that a sequel be in the books for the Xbox One. Remedy Entertainment has already announced a new game exclusive to it in Quantum Break, though. That title looks to be pretty big. It wouldn’t be surprising if Alan Wake 2 isn’t even out of the writing stages yet.

Odds: Low

Final Fantasy Versus XIII


Not a whole lot of information is out there on Versus XIII outside of the fact that every Final Fantasy fan and their mom wants this game to come out. Square-Enix keeps teasing that it will eventually, they just won’t show anyone anything about it. Not a bit of it. No word on when it will come out or anything. During the PS4 showing, they hinted at a new Final Fantasy game to be announced at E3. If it is anything other than this, I am opting out of the franchise.

Odds: Very Low

Star Wars: Battlefront III


The news that EA has purchased the rights to all things Star Wars video games definitely had the gaming world buzzing. Not more so than the possibility that this highly sought after title will finally see the light of day. The fact that it seemed to be almost complete under the LucasArts name makes it very viable. Most people are under the impression that DICE will be taking over the reigns of this title. Which would be the greatest thing ever. But like I stated above, DICE has their hands full with Battlefield 4 and EA has only very recently picked up Star Wars rights to really get started on anything.

Odds: Low

New Spyro/Crash/Jak game


I love some fun platform games, so I would love to see one of these characters get their due. Yeah Spyro had Skylanders,but his name did not stick around on that very long. I want to see an actual title for one of them. It doesn’t help that their respective developers have their hands in other prospects either. Ratchet and Clank gets a lot of love from Sony. I just want another great Crash Bandicoot game! Bringing one of these characters back would be like re-inviting an old friend back into your life.

Odds: Low

New Dissidia: Final Fantasy


The Dissidia games on the PSP were a whole lot of fun. It was really cool to see all of the great characters from past Final Fantasy games and watch them duke it out. The fighting was crazy and the story lines were even crazier. Square-Enix has a gem on their hands and it would be great to see that moved onto an HD platform whether it be the Vita or (god forbid) a console version. At the same time sometimes we just have no idea what Square-Enix is thinking.

Odds: Low

The Walking Dead: Season Two


There is no doubt that Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead was a huge surprise to everyone. It threw away everything we knew to be standard in video games and decided to let the story do the talking. And boy did it. It not only showed that a licensed title can be good, it showed that it can make grown men cry. It was a game changer. Not only that, but we also got to get an early look at some of the characters we grew to love from the TV show and comic. Telltale has already said that they plan to drop season 2, they just haven’t told us when yet. Here’s hoping this is the week and we can get a sneak peak

Odds: High

Kingdom Hearts III


This needs to happen. I know it, you know it, your great great aunt Margery knows it, but I don’t think Square-Enix has quite figured it out yet. There was something perfect about the intermingling of the Final Fantasy world and the Disney world. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are up there on the list of greatest games ever. After that, Square just kinda winged it and started throwing the name around to sell games. There are too many Kingdom Hearts games in my opinion. We only need one right now: A console version of Kingdom Hearts III. No more 3DS or Vita. No more “Dream Drop Water in the Eye of 3/4 of a Day in 2 Years.” We want Kingdom Hearts III. No more BS Square. Make this happen.

[Editor’s Sam’s Note Anyone that knows me also knows that Kingdom Hearts III is my game of forever. I feel I could die a happy man if it released and I could play it through at least twice, which is considerably fewer times than I’ve played through the other two. For Square to pull their heads out of their butts and finally get to work on this would be some kind of Miracle with a capital M. I want to see how this story they’ve been pulling through the last 10 or so years wraps up. I want to run through these worlds with Donald and Goofy again! I, potentially, want to see a Star Wars and Avengers world. Even beyond that, something as simple as Pixar inclusion would be wonderful. Unfortunately, we all know how Tetsuya Nomura is adamant that no work gets started on this game until work on Versus XIII is done…and we all know how that’s going. No. Actually, we don’t because they WON’T TELL US ANYTHING!]

Odds: Very (VERY) Low

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The Memory in the Music

Everyone has a song they listen to that reminds them of times past. Music is something that permeates almost every experience. Video games especially use music to help them weave their interactive tales. Even a terrible video game can have great music. That’s why I’m going to list some of my favorite video game songs. This list will be far from comprehensive, to the point where certain people might feel “slighted” that I didn’t include their favorite song. For this, I’m sorry. I wish I could post links to every song ever made…but I can’t.

Some of these will be boss themes. Some of these will be regular tracks. They’re all great, so I’m not even going to number them. I’ll list them as I think of them. But here goes it anyway.

(I’m trying to avoid being obvious here, so you’re not going to see the Mario theme song or something everyone resonates with. Just a note)

I could probably dedicate an entire article to the purely amazing music in the Metal Gear Solid series, so I’m just going to pick one…and why not The Best is Yet To Come from Metal Gear Solid? After traversing the menus and beginning your game, this song is the first you hear…and it’s beautiful. You only hear the first (maybe) 30 seconds of it, but you hear the entirety of it during the game’s ending credits. It’s chilling and absolutely wonderful to listen to.


Shadow of the Colossus was truly an amazing game. Your only enemies were the 16 imposing Colossi and each battle felt like an epic encounter. None fit this bill better than Malus, the 16th and final Colossus, however. The fight against Malus was the best in the game and this song, entitled Demise of the Ritual, added so much to it. The scene and the imposing nature of the creature were only accentuated by this orchestral accomplishment. A lot of it is relatively understated and quiet, however the impending sense of dread you feel just listening to it, knowing exactly what you’re facing…it’s unbeatable.


Like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy is one of those series that could (and probably should) take up an entire article about game music by itself. With this, however, I find myself needing to pick a few different songs (though I’ll only embed one). The one I choose just so happens to be Liberi Fatali, the main theme of Final Fantasy VIII. While it’s no secret I wasn’t overly fond of FF8 (battle system being the heart of the issue), that doesn’t take away from the amazing music. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I started this game “back in the day,” but this made me feel epic in every way.


Of course, Final Fantasy has many fantastic main themes. Final Fantasy VII (on piano being my preferred method of listening) and X are great. I’ve also got to hand it to Dancing Mad and One Winged Angel (the final battle themes of Kefka Palazzo and Sephiroth, repsectively). Dark Messenger is also probably one of FF’s coolest songs. And of course…this beauty. There are many many many (many many many) more songs, and I don’t want to get yelled at for leaving them out. I love them all.

Banjo-Tooie was one of my favorite games on the N64. Despite all of the music being super awesome, the music that plays while you run around the Witchyworld level has a special place in my heart. It creeped me out when I was younger, but the level itself was really fun and the music added to its atmosphere. Also, the Mr. Patch boss battle? Yikes.


I’m now going to jump into The Legend of Zelda and upset more people who don’t agree with my song choices. The one I’m choosing for this article is the music that plays during the Blizetta boss battle in Twilight Princess. It’s a good song and it’s something that seemingly comes out of your worst Tim Burton-y nightmare. But also while we’re on the subject of Twilight Princess…ugh. This being said, Koji Kondo’s music endures throughout the series in every way, and all of it is fantastic. But yes. Blizetta.


Pokemon has some wonderful music in it, but I chose Ho-Oh’s battle theme from Pokemon Heart Gold. Despite Lugia being my preferred legendary choice, Ho-Oh’s theme demolished Lugia’s no problem. Such a fantastic song. The Asian influence in it sounds great and matches up with the locale and the Pokemon fantastically.


People can say whatever they want about Asura’s Wrath (interesting being one of the words I’d use), but its music was great. Specifically the use of Dvorak’s Symphony No 9: From the New World, 4th Movement during the battle with Augus. An epic battle accentuated by a truly epic song.

I love the Phoenix Wright games. They’re great for many reasons, and the music is one of them. The song Objection! resonates with me because it usually plays when there’s a break in the case. When the work I’ve done pays off and Phoenix finally makes some incredible headway, I shout “OBJECTION!” and this song plays. It’s a gratifying feeling because I know that I was successful with my choices at that moment.
Have you ever heard Journey‘s soundtrack? Why not? I honestly have no words beyond this for how beautiful the game is, but the soundtrack leaves me similarly speechless. The soundtrack is the first video game soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy award (to be determined at the 55th edition of the show this coming Sunday). I chose the song I Was Born for This, a truly moving piece of music…but the whole soundtrack deserves to be consumed wholly.


You didn’t actually think we were going to get away with something from Kingdom Hearts, did you? Of course, I love the music of these games, but only being able to pick one…I chose the music that plays while fighting Terranort in Birth By Sleep. It’s such an epic song, but given what just happened in the story at that point, it reflects the sadness and urgency of the situation perfectly.


I was going to stop with ten songs, but I couldn’t in good conscience…so you get three bonus songs. That’s thirteen for the price of ten! Boy howdy!

(If we’re being real here…there are way more than thirteen selections in this article, but who’s counting? Not me, obviously.)

Devil May Cry has always had crazy intense music, and it’s hard to pick one song. This is why I’m going into my recent memory to pull out the boss music for Bob Barbas in DmC: Devil May CryThe fight with Bob is one of my favorite boss battles in recent memory. The obvious parody of extreme right wing news organizations (Bill O’Reilly most prominently) is great and the music adds to the atmosphere, especially the beginning as if you’re about to tune into one of Bob’s news broadcasts. It’s a classic fight with some great music behind it.

At the beginning of Assassin’s Creed II, you race Ezio’s brother Frederico to the top of the church. It is at this point that you hear Venice Rooftops for the first time. This is the song that plays during race sequences during the game. The song is perfect for race sequences. The heart pounding drums and guitar add a sense of urgency to complete the race on time, but the lighter tones of the song (through certain wind instruments and choral singing) add a sort of free feel to the equation. Assassin’s Creed II (and the series) have fantastic music, but this is one of my favorite for the energy it conveys. (Special mention to the heart wrenching Ezio’s Family, which is a tonal flip in the other direction)


Last, but not least, I give you a Mass Effect song. This song, called The End Run, plays as part of the suicide mission during Mass Effect 2. There’s not a whole lot to say about it, because it says a lot for itself. The suicide mission was a very intense way to end the game. This really adds to that. The beginning really makes you feel like you’re about to attack something monumentus and the ending/last half is really ambiguous. The suicide mission could go either way and the ending kind of feels like a triumph and a failure, adjusting itself to the situation you’re in. I don’t know how it does it…but it just does.

Hm. I guess there was some stuff to say about it.


That is the end of my list, but not the end of my favorite gaming music. The songs in video games trigger memories. Good, bad, or otherwise…the music of games is truly key to bringing the most out of them. There’s music in every game and more often than not, it’s fantastic. I regret that I could not include more (for space’s sake) and I encourage suggestions to add to this list. They are always welcome.

Though I do still anticipate a few “how could you forget ___’s soundtrack?” type dealies, I’ll counter with an all encompassing “I like the soundtrack and all the songs from [insert your favorite game here].”

Good day.


Controller Freaks 3.5: Kingdom Heart Attack

Have you ever wanted to hear a Kingdom Hearts fan awkwardly attempt to explain the convoluted story of Kingdom Hearts? If so, you’re in luck. If not…I am so sorry. Since the crew got all scrambled because of The Hobbit, we weren’t able to record on our regular night. So with Jordan sick and Aaron and Alessio off being Italian somewhere…the burden of time wasting fell to me. Now you have a whole hours worth of Kingdom Hearts plot to listen to before Kingdom Hearts III comes out.

Who am I kidding? Kingdom Hearts III is never coming out.

There are a few “ums,” a lot of “uhs,” and quite a few “what am I doings,” but I hope you like it. And if not…I am so sorry. You will receive a full refund. We’ll be back next week with Episode 4, but until then…good luck.

And yes SPOILERS for every game in the Kingdom Hearts series, if that wasn’t immediately apparent.

Controller Freaks (Episode 3.5)


(Credit for the Atari controller goes here.)