Controller Freaks 2: Halo is a Cool Guy

This week, Jordan, Sam, and Aaron discuss a plethora of things, none of them being Mass Effect. Discussion includes: Need For Speed: Most Wanted, More Halo 4, Lego Games and Epic Mickey 2, the Wii U, how to make Fallout New Vegas more challenging, how to make a successful video game movie, and how to break the internet with Jordan Carroll.

Controller Freaks (Episode 2)

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Alone in the Dark and Jimmie Johnson.

(Credit for the Atari controller goes here.)


The GeekTi.me Players Season Finale: Halo 4 Exclusive!

It is with great pleasure that Aaron and I can present to you this season finale (Official Episode 8) of GeekTi.me Players. We’ve had a lot of fun playing games and riffing on each other for the last couple months, and we thank you for all your support.

But we have to go for a while. We’ll be back in a couple of months, but please allow this world exclusive to tide you over until then. We got our hands on a demo copy of Halo 4 and decided this was a perfect way to show you exactly what we thought of it. Do enjoy this…we sure did.



The GeekTi.me Players 6: Alone in the Dark

After a two week hiatus (swag), the Players are BACK. And what do we choose to play for our triumphant return? Alone in the Dark. Alone…in the Dark. Alone. In. The. Dark.

No. I don’t think you quite understand how bad this is. By the time we finished recording this episode, we were legitimately at each other’s throats for an hour. Only the sweet, sweet sustenance of Chipotle could heal that wound.

So yes. Enjoy. We’re going to have something special for you very soon. *insert winky face emoticon*

What do you mean we don’t have those?



The GeekTi.me Players Don’t Play Anything

Yeah. You read that title right. Aaron and I (four parts laziness, three parts poor scheduling, and two parts Aaron’s fault) didn’t get to finish our episode for this week, so you are deprived of our commentary on a bad/good game until next Wednesday. However, just because we didn’t want to leave you out in the cold, we cooked up something special for you. The introductions we do at the beginning of our videos don’t just come naturally to us (well…actually, they do now, kind of). We actually do this thing called “acting” in them. We never claim it’s good acting, but it is acting. This week’s video has a small collection of bloopers from our early (and not so early) days of filming introductions. We hope you tolerate them.

Next week, we’ll be playing Alone in the Dark for the PS3. We’re not so much sorry you have to watch it as much as we’re sorry we have to play it.



The GeekTi.me Players 1: Saints Row the Third

Welcome to The GeekTi.me Players. It’s an exercise in just how many terrible jokes about things we can fit into a 20 minute span with a video game subtext.

Really though, we’re very excited to finally show this to you. With approximately 0% video editing and recording experience, we set forth on a venture that would wind up being very fun (kind of…depending on the game). So watch with us and laugh with us. We’ve got plenty more for you in the coming weeks.