Controller Freaks – Episode 20

On this, the 20th week (give or take) of Controller Freaks, we’ve gathered the Super Friends once more. Alessio and Jordan are back to join Aaron and Sam for a original crew rodeo. Ok. I can’t do this anymore. This week we discuss:

  • Jordan’s Wii U
  • Ducks Ducks Ducks
  • Injustice impressions
  • BioShock Infinite’s ending (Starting at 14:00 – 26:15, there will be SPOILERS)
  • Beyond: Two Souls: The Movie: The Game
  • BioShock 1 vs. BioShock Infinite (No spoilers in this one)
  • A Link to the Past 2
  • Banning non-existent games
  • Cici’s Pizza
  • Luigi U
  • Hypothetical 3DS games
  • Zelda as a protagonist

We’ll be back next week…but not like you’d expect. Should make for some interesting stuff guys.

Controller Freaks (Episode 20)

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Controller Freaks – Episode 19

A day late, but not a dollar short…maybe. This episode of Controller Freaks features the triumphant return of James and Kevin who join us to talk about stuff that isn’t confusing…because the LAST thing we want to do is confuse you. This week, we discuss:

  • Kmart
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us (and James’ hacker “skills”)
  • Sam’s (overdue) breakdown
  • Fighting games in general
  • Batman Arkham Origins
  • Fast travel in games
  • Man of Steel
  • Nicolas Cage vs. Vin Diesel
  • Elysium and other relatively new sci-fi movies
  • “Hey, that’s Tom Cruise”
  • Two time Worst Company of the Year winner EA
  • Yet another entitlement discussion
  • The potential of an “Always Online” future

Next week features the exciting return of Alessio and Jordan. That’s right guys. It’s the OG cast for a very special episode of Controller Freaks. Will we tell you why it’s special? Maybe. Who knows? Not me. I literally have no idea if we will or not. EXCITING!

We do also have a small behind the scenes bonus clip at the end of this episode so you guys can listen to a small sample of the circus I have to conduct every week. You’re welcome.

Controller Freaks (Episode 19)

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Controller Freaks – Episode 18

This episode of Controller Freaks is brought to you by That One Pokemon Show…because our third chair this week is my good friend Kevin, my co-host on that show. This week, we discuss:

  • Being legal
  • More BioShock Infinite
  • Video game backlogs
  • The internet and life lessons
  • The LucasArts shutdown
  • Roger Ebert (R.I.P.)
  • Doctor Who (A lot of Doctor Who)
  • Elton John and Billy Joel
  • LTTP Kinect
  • Shows we (read: Sam) don’t watch
  • Far Out 3
  • Darth Vader-ing
  • Michael Bay’s adaptations
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Mark Ruffalo and the Hulk

Also keep in mind that I make threats to cut things and don’t. I got lazy. IT SEEMS TO BE A TREND NOW.

Controller Freaks (Episode 18)

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Controller Freaks – Episode 17

Welcome to episode of 17 Controller Freaks. Aaron, James, and I sit down around the table of brotherhood and find ourselves discussing:

  • Jordan the Instigator
  • Red Faction: Guerilla’s unrealistic (read: awesome) physics
  • Temple Run 2
  • BioShock: Infinite (but mostly just Elizabeth)
  • Zero Punctuation
  • The CEO Shuffle
  • Terrible Mario mods
  • Duck Tales
  • Old games on iOS
  • God of War’s Trial of Archimedes
  • Video game longevity
  • People that listen to our show that you’ve never heard of
  • Following us on Twitter (@SamWrightDPS, @depodemolisher, @mirahtrunks)

I also think we talked about Metal Gear Solid V in there, but I fell asleep while editing and I don’t feel like finding it again.

Guys, I’m awful and also sleepy. And, maybe, sorry…this is unverified.
Thanks for tuning in again. See us next week for more cool bro stuff.

Controller Freaks (Episode 17)

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Controller Freaks – Episode 16

Episode 16 is an episode of triumphant returns. Not only do we have Jordan back, but our good friend Josh (more colloquially know as Yoshifett to the internet masses) from episode 1 is back as well. We have a grand old time discussing many topics, including:
  • The objective value of Linkin Park
  • The depth of the new Tomb Raider
  • God of War Ascension (and also boobs)
  • Gears of War: Judgment
  • BioShock Infinite and the BioShock series
  • Dangerous controllers
  • Bread Kitten
  • Mass Effect micro-transactions
  • Gamer entitlement
  • The Walking Dead vs. The Walking Dead
  • Petitioning your hair

Thanks for joining us once more. Next week, we’ll have stuff! AGAIN!

Controller Freaks (Episode 16)

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Controller Freaks 15: Speaking of Boobs…

Another day, another freak. Welcome to episode 15 of Controller Freaks where James joins Aaron and I once more for more discussion about many things…including such hits as:

  • Sonic ’06 and the train wreck that is Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Metal Gear Rising rants
  • God of War Ascension (and the best segue ever)
  • The Last of Us
  • Putting PS3 games on next-gen systems
  • Cliché Star Fox references
  • Heavy Rain vs. The Last of Us
  • Press X to Jason apps
  • How the new Dragon Ball Z movie will probably be bad
  • The Super Sentai/Power Rangers lesson you never wanted
  • Cell phone screen revolutions
  • Internet rumors (or how to rile up James)
  • Facebook mind games
Thanks for joining us once again. We’ll probably be back next week. Let’s hope the government doesn’t cut funding before then.

Controller Freaks (Episode 15)

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Controller Freaks 14: HungerTime

This episode is kind of a mixed bag. Our lovely Mr. Summerfield is gone. Not forever, but he is taking a few weeks off. This week, Aaron and I are joined by our good pal James, making this a reunion of Podcast and the Furious (what is that?) Join us as we discuss:

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Old videos about the universe
  • Video game character names
  • Tomb Raider
  • Good video games based on movies
  • Making a good Superman game
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Hunger Freaks, GeekTi.me’s first ever Hunger Games podcast
  • That One Pokemon Show
  • James’ dream Pokemon game
  • Terible list making
  • SimCity and constantly online games
  • DRM and piracy issues
  • Darkon
Thanks for tuning in again. Hope to see you soon.

Controller Freaks (Episode 14)

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Controller Freaks 13: Beat It at a Friend’s House

Thirteen was not, in fact, lucky number thirteen. Or maybe it was:

  • PS1 games we kind of remember
  • Fail in February
  • Metal Gear Skrillex
  • Tomb Raider
  • Trippin’ down to ‘Bama
  • Social media in gaming
  • The Select button
  • When Microsoft will announce the “NextBox”
  • GranTurismo and Drive Club
  • More PlayStation 4 (will it never cease?)
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flack like the band
  • Video game reality shows
  • Our new Pokemon podcast (no…really)
  • Super GeekTi.me

It’s hard to tell if we’re getting better or worse, isn’t it? Oh well. Hope you enjoyed. See you for the next one.

Controller Freaks (Episode 13)

We’re also keeping up with that behind the scenes bonus, so stay tuned after the outro again.


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Controller Freaks 12: Pokemon Virgin Badge

On this twelfth shameful episode of Controller Freaks, we have a blast talking about things. Sam, Aaron, and Alessio argue about stuff, but mostly laugh about things they probably shouldn’t laugh about:

  • Special Guest: Patrick Warburton
  • Grandpa DePasquale
  • Metal Gear Rising (and racism!)
  • Oscar interruptions
  • A lot of PlayStation 4 Stuff
  • Bungie’s Destiny
  • Games that need to be out…like…right now
  • How none of us have played Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Evil pre-orders
  • Pokemon cards
  • The new Razer Scooter Tablet
  • More Pokemon
  • PS4 aesthetics
  • DreamGeo 2800
  • How Twitter made Sam ashamed of his younger self

How about that episode then, eh? It was something special…just like us. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you for lucky number 13.

Controller Freaks (Episode 12)

Oh. And I guess we have, like, a behind the scenes bonus joke after the outro.


(Credit for the Atari controller goes here.)


Controller Freaks 11: Sam’s Bad Day

Sam, Jordan, Aaron, and Alessio are back once more for some random tomfoolery…and probably one of our most racist segments yet! Boy howdy. In this episode, we discuss:

  • What’s eating Sam?
  • Seg-yous? Seg-wheys?
  • SuperGNES: Android’s premier every game emulator
  • Dead Space 3
  • Racist WiiU news
  • Sony’s console follies (and Alessio’s Vita dilemma)
  • Call of Reparations: Black Suffrage
  • Next-gen used game locks
  • Final Fantasy XIV is poop
  • SportsTi.me
  • SimCity
  • Porn in your fridge (oh no…)
  • B-List superheroes that aren’t actually B-List superheroes
  • The GeekTi.me complaints department
  • Giving Gordon Freeman a voice
  • Aaron thinks Gabe Newell is gaming’s George Lucas
  • We come the closest we’ve ever come to murdering each other

You still with us? Good. Congratulations on an 11th job well done. Hope to see you for the next episode (though probably not next week. We’re skipping next week).

Controller Freaks (Episode 11)


(Credit for the Atari controller goes here.)