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Geek Time | April 28, 2015

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Senior Staff

...has got a bag o' lovin'.Jordan Carroll – Founder, CEO, Editor

Jordan is a huge geek-nerd and can be found playing ukulele more often than not. Currently employed as a Mobile Developer, he aspires to be a linguist, writer, and dirt collector. Founder of, he and Tony and Sam aspire to rise above the rest and become a force to be reckoned with. Carrots are the most delicious food known to mankind.

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Dungeon Master in training.Tony Cook – Co-Founder, President, Community Manager, Editor

Tony is a student, barista, and level 99 nerd.  As an avid comic book reader, video gamer, and movie-watcher, Tony seeks to apply his spin on what’s Geek.  Beyond general site management duties, Tony servers as the Community Manager for the forums.

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The Deadpool WonderSam Wright – Co-Owner, Editor-in-Chief, Writer, Video Producer, Podcast Producer

Sam doesn’t want to set the world on fire. He just wants to start a flame in your heart. And start a flame in your heart he will. Although typically busy with something of minor importance, Sam has enough free time to play video games, write things for fun, and watch awesome Japanese shows that his friends make fun of him for. If he could have one wish, it would be for Kingdom Hearts 3 to exist so he can die happy. Now taking bets on the odds of that happening.

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Editing Staff

 Aaron DePasquale Aaron DePasquale – Editor, Writer, Video Producer, Podcaster

After failing to freeze himself for 1,000 years, Aaron decided to get his Bachelor’s in English/Creative Writing at Ohio University. He now resides in Dayton where he attempts to right the wrongs in this crazy world we live in. Aaron enjoys playing plenty of video games and watches more cartoons than any adult man should. He also believes that if Master Chief and Samus fight, Master Chief would win 2 rounds out of 3, but it would be a close bet.


AlessioAlessio Summerfield – Editor, Writer, Video Producer, Podcaster

One part film maker, one part games enthusiast, and two parts heavy whipping cream, Alessio is an independent film maker and occasional event DJ. He has been on the radio, the internet, newspapers, and has his aims set on gracing television and the big screen some day. Alessio is a huge supporter of expression through media and has grown up with video games.


Writing Staff

JohnJohn McMeans – Writer

John is a nerd’s nerd. Spending most of his formative years hidden away in the back of a comic book shop playing collectible card games and arcade classics, John has an interesting insight into some of gaming’s forgotten splendors. John is a part time musician and audio engineer and a full time geek.


DJ Super KKevin Davis – Writer, Podcaster

Kevin, by nature, is a completionist. He is not, however, a completionist. In his heart of hearts, the lad yearns to 100% every game he gets his hands on. To his credit, he did indeed “catch them all” in the original Pokemon games, but he hasn’t done a very good job with his goals beyond that. He’ll probably go 100% a movie instead. That’s much easier.


Spencer StevensonSpencer Stevenson – Writer

Spencer Stevenson is from Atlanta, Georgia and is currently a Sophomore in High School. When he’s not doing homework he’s reading, writing, playing video games, or wrestling alligators. He plans on writing a book. You probably wouldn’t like him very much.