EXPLOSION Issue 1 – We Have Impact

We here at have been hinting about big things happening for the site, and this is it. Welcome to Explosion, our fortnightly (that’s every two weeks, in case you didn’t know) eZine EXTRAVAGANZA!

In this issue, the staff discusses 2012 and all it has in store for us. It’s looking to be the best!

Also featured is Alessio’s desire for a PSVita, an interview with author A.R. Wise, and a look at how you (yes, you) can get good at League of Legends streaming.

All this and more in this issue of Explosion. Click here to enjoy!


And if you aren’t the PDF sort, you can catch all the articles as they release in blog form over the next two weeks. But that’s slow, and who likes to wait? Why not just read them all NOW!


Yes. That’s right. We double linked you.