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It’s time for Geek Stuff, your weekly dose of random geek things from all walks of the internets. Let’s get started.

A Man of Many Fingers

Funny Celebrity Fingerprint Portraits Display Personalities
It’s not logical!

Artist, Dito Von Tease, has created an alarmingly large album of Finger Print People (my term, not his). Taking a close up image of various fingers (finger print side up, of course) Von Tease then proceeds to dress them up – like you do – with eyes and hair and other facial adornments which make them look like, well people.

Some people really do have too much time on their hands!

Anyway, if you head on over to Bit Rebels, you’ll find a little info on the artist, a bit of a breakdown of the art itself, and a few select finger people to stare at while you wait for work to finish.

Today is a Good Day to Pry…

Star Trek Bat'leth Letter Opener
You insult my honour with this parking fine!

Nobody sends letter’s these days, right? Well, except for junk mail, bills and court summons. But if you’re going to get paper mail, you might be inclined to open it. And if you’re going to open it, why not open it like a Klingon might open mail?

Think Geek have, for your money spending pleasure, a miniaturised Bat’leth. If you’re wondered why you might want such a thing, well, then, you weren’t paying enough attention in the previous paragraph.

That’s right, you can use the pint-sized Bat’leth to open your mail! Okay, so maybe Klingon’s wouldn’t open their mail that way, but you can.


Waga Waga Waga…

Pac-Man Shower Curtain: Washa, Washa, Washa
All we need now is interactive shower curtain material!

I realise that, stereotypically speaking, the kind of people who are obsessed with Pacman, aren’t the kind of people who are likely to shower all that often. I mean, let’s face it; when your hair is down by your butt crack, it’s a lot of effort to wash it all. But supposing you do, you might like this;

Craft Nerdy has a tutorial up on how to make your own Pacman themed shower curtain. The tutorial includes a full list of materials right off the bat, lots of pictures, and a healthy dose of nerdish awesome.

Lego Jump

If you were on the Internet at all last Sunday (Oct 14), you will probably have struggled to miss the excitement around the live streaming of Felix Baumgarten’s space jump. Which was, like, totally awesome, by the way. I mean, the guy jumped out of his little capsule thing from space, and parachuted down to Earth.

You know that scene in J. J. Abram’s Star Trek movie, where Kirk, MILF Guy, and over-excitable-British-guy jump out of the shuttle to attack the Romulan mining laser thing? Well, Felix Baumgarten did that for real! Without the Romulan’s, that is. Or the sword fighting.

What was I talking about?

No popular thing is truly popular until it’s been “Lego’d”. Felix’s jump got Lego’d before he’d even done it!

Batman Has 4GB of Storage

Mimobots USB Flash Drives
That’s an impressive utility belt you have there. Bet you could store a lot of stuff…

It’s very important to always have a little portable storage to hand. You never know when you might need to Sneaker-net some files from one place to another. Of course, nobody is using floppy disks any more. USB thumb drives are the hero of the hour when it comes to pocket-able storage, and they’re getting more… uhm… storage-y, by the minute.

So, the boffins behind such devices are well on top of the technical issue (2TB Flash Drive, anyone?), but why stop the improving at the technical side.

We can make them look sweet, too! has a range of comic book super hero flash drives for you to throw your money at. Do you have a geeky friend that you’re not sure what to get for their gift-giving holiday of choice? Why not blow $10 on a 4GB Optimus Prime? They do look a little like Russian nesting dolls, that doesn’t take anything away from them!

My personal favourite is the Han Solo in Carbonite.


So there you have it. Your weekly fill of Geek Stuff. Be sure to check back next week for more of the same. Well, not the same, there’ll be different things. I mean… oh, just come back next week!


Geek Stuff – Rubber Band Warfare!

You may be thinking that a column called “Geek Stuff” on a website called “Geek Time” is a little redundant. You’d probably be right. However, if I let redundancy prevent me from making a point, I’d only write half of what I do.

What I’m saying is, I have a tendency to make the same point twice.


Product Spotlight: Portal Turret Plush

Welcome to the Product Spotlight! For your consideration, we present the first reasonably-priced non-game Valve product since…ever. Tired of paying $15 for re-branded Silly Putty? Not interested in dropping $30 on a pair of Companion Cube Fuzzy Dice? (Well, okay, you are.) You’re in luck!

Presenting the Plush Turret!

Brought to us by the folks at ThinkGeek, this awesome miniature representation of the Portal turrets sports a glowing red light and a dozen or so lines of dialog. Knock it over? “I don’t hate you.” Walk in front of it? “Target acquired!” Negligent? “Are you still there?” D’awwwwwwww.

They are currently out of stock, but if you wait patient-like you can grab one of the 14.5″ bundles of joy and bullets for $30 come mid-December.

Shutting down…