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GTP Off the Record #1

Sometimes, when we record the podcast, we have little extra bits of audio that goes unusable. It doesn’t really fit anywhere within the confines of the podcast, but sometimes we think it’s funny enough to be out there in the world. It could be an idea we had that didn’t go in the show. It could be our pre/post show ramblings as we so often have. Either way, it’s something we want you to listen to and think you’d enjoy (assuming you like us even a little bit).

Off the Record is a fun thing we decided to cook up to supplement this. We’ll never know how long it will be, and it might even be the dumbest thing ever…but it’s really just us shooting the breeze without any pressure of delivering a legitimate opinion on anything. Off the Record is The GeekTime Podcast in its natural habitat, and we hope you enjoy it.

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The GeekTi.me Podcast: The Epilogue

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to…

No. Let’s not go there. Instead, let’s be normal about this. This episode marks the last time you’ll be hearing a new “GeekTi.me Podcast.” This doesn’t mean we’re going away…it just means that something new is happening in its place. We lay all the details out for you in this episode, but we wanted to thank everyone for being so cool about this show and indulging us in our time…and I hope you’ll continue as we move forward with our new stuff.

In any case, join us on this last episode of GTP that may or may not contain a conversation about Flappy Bird that lasts longer than it should.

The GeekTi.me Podcast (Epilogue)