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AZUBU Who? – New Streaming Site Takes Gamers by Storm

After‘s untimely demise following numerous streamers revealing the company’s poor business practices, streamers and viewers alike have been looking for a new home for spectator gaming.  While many streamers have successfully transitioned to‘s former competitor, others have made the jump to a new challenger to the streaming business:

Azubu, a German/Korean video game media company, has been involved in e-sports for the past two years.  Azubu began by sponsoring major Korean tournaments, and then by sponsoring two League of Legends teams – Azubu Frost and Azubu Blaze, now known as CJ Entus Frost and CJ Entus Blaze) and multiple Starcraft 2 players including viOLet and Symbol.  However, earlier this year, Azubu surprised everyone by not renewing its contracts with its League of Legends teams and announcing a partnership with American team Counter-Logic Gaming (CLG) to create a new streaming platform.  Now, three months later, is up and running and bringing in tens-of-thousands of viewers already. offers a cloud-based streaming platform that replaces traditional buffering methods.  It also features tailor-made experiences for different devices, listing computers, tablet PCs, smart phones, and smart TV as examples on the website.  The site features primarily Starcraft 2 and League of Legends streamers (Each of the members of CLG hold a spot on the top-10 watched streams), but is likely to expand to Dota 2 and World of Tanks players soon. has a nice and clean interface, and I’ve yet to experience any problems watching the streams in high definition.  The website itself can be a bit confusing to navigate, but that’s a small complaint compared to the level of quality offers – especially for a brand-new service.

As the streaming service to fill’s spot as’s main competitor, is on its way to being a big name in the streaming community.

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Adidas Steps into the E-Sports Scene with The Copenhagen Wolves

Earlier last week, sports clothing and footwear brand Adidas signed on to sponsor Denmark’s biggest professional gaming organisation, the Copenhagen Wolves.  The sponsorship includes Adidas-produced gear for the Wolves as well as providing official apparel for fans of the European gaming team.  Adidas is the first non-gaming sponsor for the Wolves, who are already sponsored by gaming gear designer SteelSeries and Scandinavian tech company Komplett.

The Copenhagen Wolves currently have 3 wins and 10 losses, making them the last place team in the European League of Legends Challenger Series (LCS).  However, with the return of their star player (Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, AP mid) and the newfound support of Adidas, the Wolves are on a warpath to take down the dominant EU teams and restore their name as a dominant force in the League of Legends professional scene.

Find out more about the Copenhagen Wolves by checking out their official website and their profile on the official League of Legends E-Sports site.  The Wolves are scheduled to play against Fnatic (8W – 3L, 2nd place in EU LCS standings) this Saturday at 17:00 CET.