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Alessio & The Beastly Backlog: The Last of Us: Left Behind

Alessio & The Beastly Backlog is an excuse for me to be held accountable for completing my massive video game backlog. These articles are a hybrid of experiential reflection, informal critical reaction to the content, and a springboard for discussion on all of our social channels. Plus, I like talking about games and what better way to kill two birds with one stone?

This series is fair game for spoiler territory, and so with that being said, if you haven’t completed the game in question and want to have a completely unhindered experience, please refrain from reading any further.

With a brand-spanking-new PlayStation 4 merely weeks old and begging to be experienced, I took some time to play the bundled in Last of Us remaster. I played the main game upon release on the PS3 but never had the chance to experience the DLC prequel / midquel, so this week I’ll be diving into The Last of Us: Left Behind.

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Alessio & The Beastly Backlog: Shovel Knight

Welcome to another entry in my on-going series: Alessio & The Beastly Backlog. Last week we talked about The Astronaut’s The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which was a first-person exploration / crime-solving simulator game with a whole lot of story to drive the player forward. This week we have the opposite type of experience in a myriad of ways: Shovel Knight, a fun side-scrolling adventure game more akin to Zelda II and Megaman that has very little narrative other than just enough to get you motivated to get through its beautifully designed stages and boss encounters.

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Alessio & The Beastly Backlog: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Hey guys! I’d like to usher in this new wave of GeekTime articles by starting a series that helps me help you help us all. In short, I have a massive backlog of video games inching ever closer to drowning me in physical disks, cartridges, and cases as well as in digital downloads, server space, and hard drive real-estate. I want to put a sizable dent in this mountain’o’media to keep myself from paying for more games that I don’t have time to play and to help me generate some content to push out to you, our lovely hypothetical audience.

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Welcome Back

From the beginning, GeekTi.me was a passion project. It went through a few iterations and a lot of behind the scenes changes, but the core of what it was always remained the same. GeekTi.me was simply a group of geeks who used what little free time they had to put their passion out into the world. Did that passion always see the widest audience? Perhaps not. But then, that was never the point.

After stuff and things tugged us in different directions, the amount of time we had to focus on GeekTi.me dwindled severely. Writing took a sharp dive off a steep cliff. It became virtually impossible for me to hold a steady schedule with the guys to do the show. As such, GeekTi.me just kind of ended. There wasn’t a huge fanfare. There wasn’t some kind of family gathering or social function to talk about the good times. GeekTi.me simply remained in its corner of the internet, sleeping soundly while its core did other things with their lives.

It hurt. It hurt quite a bit for me personally. It was mostly because, after dedicating a handful of years to it, the wheels unceremoniously stopped turning. This was the website that made me more confident as a writer. This was the website that made me more confident as an on-air personality. This was the website that made me more confident as a comedian. And it just stopped.

So what do you do about this? What do you do over a year after you ditched the car on the side of the road? Well, you call a freaking tow truck! You get it to a mechanic! You try it again!

Within the next few days, you will be hearing the first new GeekTime Podcast since February 2014. It’s going to be a monthly podcast (as far as we know,) but ideas are trickling from our brain spaces constantly to make sure we can still deliver content to you regularly. Hopefully you stick with us, as we are once again dedicated to entertaining you the only way we know how: creating dumb stuff and hoping you laugh at it.

Thank you so much for joining us on the trip anyway.




The Top 3 Next-Gen Gaming Consoles

Can you believe it’s already the next generation of video games? I know I can’t! But with so many choices, how is the average consumer supposed to make a choice? We sympathize with their plight and have narrowed the field down to a mere 3 candidates and highlighted their differences, in no particular order.

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The GeekTi.me Podcast: The Epilogue

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to…

No. Let’s not go there. Instead, let’s be normal about this. This episode marks the last time you’ll be hearing a new “GeekTi.me Podcast.” This doesn’t mean we’re going away…it just means that something new is happening in its place. We lay all the details out for you in this episode, but we wanted to thank everyone for being so cool about this show and indulging us in our time…and I hope you’ll continue as we move forward with our new stuff.

In any case, join us on this last episode of GTP that may or may not contain a conversation about Flappy Bird that lasts longer than it should.

The GeekTi.me Podcast (Epilogue)

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The GeekTi.me Podcast 50: Pitch-Phrase of the Year

Welcome to EPISODE 50 of the show! We’ve been at it for over a year and we’ve got a good old fashioned Best of the Year episode for you today. This week, Sam, Aaron, James, and Alessio discuss Animorphs, pitch-phrases, Nintendo sales rumors, PlayStation Now, our best things of 2013, James being famous, and heartfelt podcast resolutions.

Thank you guys for sticking with us for 50 episodes! Stay tuned for super exciting stuff!

The GeekTi.me Podcast (Episode 50)

*BTW, it’s Gesaffelstein. It’ll make sense later.