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Geek Time | April 28, 2015

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Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1

June 14, 2012 |

Since its announcement back in February, I, along with the rest of those obsessed with “Watchmen,” have been beyond conflicted when it comes to the decision to read the new “Before Watchmen” books. The series has been met with much … Read More

Summerfield’s Soapbox: Spider-Man: Attack of the Clones

October 17, 2011 |

Hello GeekTi.mers!

Halloween is now inching itself closer and closer upon us. And, for whatever reason, I tend to love dressing up as costumed heros for Halloween (last year I was Rorschach, and when I was a kid I dressed … Read More

The Panel – On the DC Reboot

June 28, 2011 |

DC reboots it’s entire superhero line in September. Have they made a good move in doing so?Read More

Justice League: I Wish it Was Coming to a Theater Near You

June 6, 2011 |

With The Avengers on the horizon, DC might find it in their best interest to bust out the Justice League sooner, rather than later.Read More

The Panel – We’re Not in Fabletown Anymore

April 7, 2011 | | 2 Comments

Legends: The Enchanted takes a much darker look at the characters and their stories, throwing them into a steam-punk world of bloodshed and murder.Read More

The Panel – Doom of a Hero

March 29, 2011 |


Ultimate Spider-Man is a special title to me. It was the title that got me into comics years ago, and it is one I have followed ever since, which is amounting to quite¬† a span. With the recent … Read More

The Panel – How the Dead Walk

March 22, 2011 | | One Comment

This week will be a break from the recently established theme of differing takes on comic book characters and stories,  just so I can talk about The Walking Dead: Compendium One

First Off The most obvious place … Read More

The Panel – How to Succeed as the Great Patriot

March 2, 2011 |

There are a slew of comic films due out in the near-future, but one of particular interest to me is Captain America: The First Avenger. Read More

The Panel – The Pilgrimage Begins

February 22, 2011 | | 2 Comments

The first of the newly themed issues of Panel Takes a look at the Scott Pilgrim franchise, from comic to film.Read More

The Panel – Adaptations and Conversions

February 10, 2011 | | One Comment

Alongside this week’s comic releases is a brief thought on the ever-changing nature of the comic book.Read More