Sam & Kevin Play: Eragon #2

Now that you’re all caught up on our Eragon series (because why wouldn’t you be?), you can now proceed with our newest episode. This episode, entitled “Thanks Pinterest,” shows you how an arrow to the jugular really sets off your next project.

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Sam & Kevin Play: Alone in the Dark

Now that I’ve decided to gather some semblance of responsibility in my life, I’ve finally got BFATF videos rolling when they’re supposed to. All this means is that there’s one more series going on YouTube. It’s an ongoing series of Alone in the Dark. This was a game that Aaron and I played a few years ago when we were doing The GeekTime Players and the spirit of how awful lives on with Kevin and I.

The episode linked in this post is entitled “Episode 13 – Vampirz.” It’s an exercise in violently hitting obstacles. In case you wanted to catch up on the truly rich history of this series, we have a playlist happening RIGHT HERE. Please forgive the lack of thumbnails on this episode. I’m in the process of moving and seem to have packed away everything that could link my external hard drive to my computer.

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GTP Off the Record #1

Sometimes, when we record the podcast, we have little extra bits of audio that goes unusable. It doesn’t really fit anywhere within the confines of the podcast, but sometimes we think it’s funny enough to be out there in the world. It could be an idea we had that didn’t go in the show. It could be our pre/post show ramblings as we so often have. Either way, it’s something we want you to listen to and think you’d enjoy (assuming you like us even a little bit).

Off the Record is a fun thing we decided to cook up to supplement this. We’ll never know how long it will be, and it might even be the dumbest thing ever…but it’s really just us shooting the breeze without any pressure of delivering a legitimate opinion on anything. Off the Record is The GeekTime Podcast in its natural habitat, and we hope you enjoy it.


Sam, David, & Brit Play: Ocarina of Time

Earlier this week, you were introduced to the wonder that was Breakfast and the Furious. This go round, we’ve got a little bit of something different for you. David and Brit are two guest characters that are linked to GeekTime/Breakfast and the Furious by friendship. While Kevin was off being Kevin somewhere, I sat down with David and Brit on two consecutive weekends (all told, what was probably around a 20 hour journey) to play through the “classic” N64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I say “classic” because we take every opportunity to take a steaming dump on the game AND on each other during this playthrough.


Sam and Kevin Play: Eragon

While GeekTime was on hiatus, I had some time on my hands. One of the things I decided to do was start a YouTube channel with my good friend/hated enemy Kevin Davis. It’s been a really interesting project, and one I’m proud to bring in to the GeekTime family. It’s called Breakfast and the Furious. Why? Because it’s a funny play on words, damn it.

We are currently in the middle of, what is truly an astounding playthrough of Eragon for the Xbox 360. The episode posted in this article is entitled “Part 9 – Best Friend Shared Dream.” If you’d like to catch up on the history of this series, there is a nifty playlist RIGHT HERE.

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Welcome Back

From the beginning, was a passion project. It went through a few iterations and a lot of behind the scenes changes, but the core of what it was always remained the same. was simply a group of geeks who used what little free time they had to put their passion out into the world. Did that passion always see the widest audience? Perhaps not. But then, that was never the point.

After stuff and things tugged us in different directions, the amount of time we had to focus on dwindled severely. Writing took a sharp dive off a steep cliff. It became virtually impossible for me to hold a steady schedule with the guys to do the show. As such, just kind of ended. There wasn’t a huge fanfare. There wasn’t some kind of family gathering or social function to talk about the good times. simply remained in its corner of the internet, sleeping soundly while its core did other things with their lives.

It hurt. It hurt quite a bit for me personally. It was mostly because, after dedicating a handful of years to it, the wheels unceremoniously stopped turning. This was the website that made me more confident as a writer. This was the website that made me more confident as an on-air personality. This was the website that made me more confident as a comedian. And it just stopped.

So what do you do about this? What do you do over a year after you ditched the car on the side of the road? Well, you call a freaking tow truck! You get it to a mechanic! You try it again!

Within the next few days, you will be hearing the first new GeekTime Podcast since February 2014. It’s going to be a monthly podcast (as far as we know,) but ideas are trickling from our brain spaces constantly to make sure we can still deliver content to you regularly. Hopefully you stick with us, as we are once again dedicated to entertaining you the only way we know how: creating dumb stuff and hoping you laugh at it.

Thank you so much for joining us on the trip anyway.