What is a Geek?

geek/gik/ – Noun: A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest

Welcome to GeekTi.me, where being called a “geek” is a badge of honor. The definition above is a very narrow idea of what it means to be a geek, meaning it’s the “official” and incomplete definition.

It means more than what you think it does. Some people envision thick rimmed glasses and pocket protectors in white button downs. The truth of the matter is this: geeks live among you. They look like you and they interact like you, but there’s a whole world inside their head that you may not even know about.

Being a geek means more than just that dangerously narrow definition.

Being a geek is something to be proud of. Being a geek means passion. It means being more passionate about something than some people get in a lifetime. It means getting excited about things. It means never letting the child-like spark that people lose as they coast through life fade away. It means camaraderie and connecting with those who share the same unbridled passion that you do. It means constant wonder. Constant love. Constant energy.

GeekTi.me is more than just a title. It’s more than just a clever URL. GeekTi.me is a place where a small band of enthusiasts talk about things they enjoy, and hopefully you do as well. It’s a place where opinions can run free and fun can be had. It’s a place where jokes can be made and a place where the life of the geek can stretch its wings. It’s a place where we can proudly shout “geek and proud.” The articles and videos we post on this website are for us, for you, and for everyone who wears that banner proudly. You know what? It’s for anyone that doesn’t too. Everyone is welcome here!

If you’re reading this, thank you for your support. From Sam, Alessio, Aaron, and James…we salute you and we salute our flag of geekdom.

For the Geeks. For the Win. Forty-Two.

Always and Forever.