The GeekTime Podcast #32: Dewcision 2016


Welcome back to the GeekTime Podcast, team! James had to step out this week, so friend of the network Zach is filling the spot. We start with the etiquette of eating unrefrigerated pizza and debate the virtues of the God Soda Pitch Black vs. the Peasant Pop Baja Blast. We also talk about how Pokemon Go is terrible now and what they’ve done to change some classics in the upcoming DS games.


32extraWe discuss how ridiculous the mocap actor for Godzilla Resurgence is and how the mid 2000’s King Kong wasn’t that bad. We also got on the topic of things that are more weird and creepy than they are scary…including Rubber Johnny and this doof that filmed a bear in his house. We also get into the difference between social justice and radicalized social justice…for a change in tone. We then wrap it up with how ridiculous New York accents are.

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