Mad Bad Book Club #24: The Eye of Argon (Ch. 3-4)


Welcome back ladies and germs, are you ready to hear more of Grignr’s tale in the Eye of Argon? Well so are we, so buckle your pant or the might fall down and get ready for more swashbuckling… if you can even call it that. This week the hosts talk a surprising amount of Overwatch instead of reading the damn story, but when the finally focus they come across many vexing questions. Questions like, why would someone use a mallet to sacrifice someone when you can use a perfectly good dagger. is it the incredibly flamboyant gods that use said mallets? Man who knows, maybe this episode will help you find your answer. The hosts also create an Eye of Argon drinking game so play along if you want!

Your homework assignment this week is to write your epitaph (seriously, you all know what that word means, right?)

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