Mad Bad Book Club #23: The Rants of Francis E. Dec (part 2)

Communist Computer God Something, Something, Something…

Mango had to go and have a life or something I don’t even know what ever. So you can all thank her for this week’s episode whether you like it or not. They read more of Francis E Dec’s expose memoirs about the communist computer god’s Frankenstein skullcap controls. Episode does contain some really weird hate speech kind of stuff, but none of it should be taken personally by anyone, Dec was literally insane after all. it’s kinda sad really. But oh well, what can ya do right? One last note; this episode was not sponsored by Pepsi, and Nick would like it to be known that Pepsi tastes like sugar ass when compared┬áto Coke.

There is no homework assignment this week, enjoy the week off students!

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