Controller Freaks – Episode 20

On this, the 20th week (give or take) of Controller Freaks, we’ve gathered the Super Friends once more. Alessio and Jordan are back to join Aaron and Sam for a original crew rodeo. Ok. I can’t do this anymore. This week we discuss:

  • Jordan’s Wii U
  • Ducks Ducks Ducks
  • Injustice impressions
  • BioShock Infinite’s ending (Starting at 14:00 – 26:15, there will be SPOILERS)
  • Beyond: Two Souls: The Movie: The Game
  • BioShock 1 vs. BioShock Infinite (No spoilers in this one)
  • A Link to the Past 2
  • Banning non-existent games
  • Cici’s Pizza
  • Luigi U
  • Hypothetical 3DS games
  • Zelda as a protagonist

We’ll be back next week…but not like you’d expect. Should make for some interesting stuff guys.

Controller Freaks (Episode 20)

(Credit for the Atari controller goes here.)