Controller Freaks 15: Speaking of Boobs…


Another day, another freak. Welcome to episode 15 of Controller Freaks where James joins Aaron and I once more for more discussion about many things…including such hits as:

  • Sonic ’06 and the train wreck that is Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Metal Gear Rising rants
  • God of War Ascension (and the best segue ever)
  • The Last of Us
  • Putting PS3 games on next-gen systems
  • Cliché Star Fox references
  • Heavy Rain vs. The Last of Us
  • Press X to Jason apps
  • How the new Dragon Ball Z movie will probably be bad
  • The Super Sentai/Power Rangers lesson you never wanted
  • Cell phone screen revolutions
  • Internet rumors (or how to rile up James)
  • Facebook mind games
Thanks for joining us once again. We’ll probably be back next week. Let’s hope the government doesn’t cut funding before then.

Controller Freaks (Episode 15)

(Credit for the Atari controller goes here.)

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