Controller Freaks 12: Pokemon Virgin Badge

On this twelfth shameful episode of Controller Freaks, we have a blast talking about things. Sam, Aaron, and Alessio argue about stuff, but mostly laugh about things they probably shouldn’t laugh about:

  • Special Guest: Patrick Warburton
  • Grandpa DePasquale
  • Metal Gear Rising (and racism!)
  • Oscar interruptions
  • A lot of PlayStation 4 Stuff
  • Bungie’s Destiny
  • Games that need to be out…like…right now
  • How none of us have played Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Evil pre-orders
  • Pokemon cards
  • The new Razer Scooter Tablet
  • More Pokemon
  • PS4 aesthetics
  • DreamGeo 2800
  • How Twitter made Sam ashamed of his younger self

How about that episode then, eh? It was something special…just like us. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you for lucky number 13.

Controller Freaks (Episode 12)

Oh. And I guess we have, like, a behind the scenes bonus joke after the outro.


(Credit for the Atari controller goes here.)