Controller Freaks 3.5: Kingdom Heart Attack

Have you ever wanted to hear a Kingdom Hearts fan awkwardly attempt to explain the convoluted story of Kingdom Hearts? If so, you’re in luck. If not…I am so sorry. Since the crew got all scrambled because of The Hobbit, we weren’t able to record on our regular night. So with Jordan sick and Aaron and Alessio off being Italian somewhere…the burden of time wasting fell to me. Now you have a whole hours worth of Kingdom Hearts plot to listen to before Kingdom Hearts III comes out.

Who am I kidding? Kingdom Hearts III is never coming out.

There are a few “ums,” a lot of “uhs,” and quite a few “what am I doings,” but I hope you like it. And if not…I am so sorry. You will receive a full refund. We’ll be back next week with Episode 4, but until then…good luck.

And yes SPOILERS for every game in the Kingdom Hearts series, if that wasn’t immediately apparent.

Controller Freaks (Episode 3.5)


(Credit for the Atari controller goes here.)


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