The State of 2012

My fellow Geeks, has had a good run. Since we began, we’ve released 200 articles and tried out a variety of ideas. We’ve been graced by a classy staff of writers and contributors, without whom none of this would have been possible. And without you, dear reader, we would have no purpose! Ah, but what’s the use of sticking to the norm? The daily grind, the 24-7, it’s all for naught if we’re contented to accept “good enough”. We’re geeks, for the win, forty-two. And today I’m pleased to announce that big things are in the works for I won’t say exactly what yet because life happens and then everyone’s disappointed, but suffice it to say that there’ll be an…Explosion of awesome.

Starting soon, we’ll have a number of different programmings in place to be released on a semi-regular schedule as well as a new layout for the site. More of the quality you’ve begun to expect from the name in more ways.

So to summarize: stay tuned, this will be awesome, and thank you all for a great year. Here’s to another!



  1. Aaron DePasquale
    Aaron Depasquale
    January 24, 2012

    Super excited to be involved! Lets make this the best it can be!!!

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